Florence Tours

Florence Inside Out

There are so many ways to discover this stunning city! I perfectly understand if you are feeling overwhelmed. But no worries! I'll help you dive right into the heart of it!

You can book half-day or a full-day tours, combine two or three tours together or create on a multiple day programme with my help and advice. 

‚ÄčIf it's your first visit to Florence start form my Classic Tours and then scroll down to see my very special Signature Tours to give a spicy in-depth touch to your experience!

My Classic Tours

Jump on a time machine with me and travel through the centuries. Get the real feel of the city. Literally the best way to get to know it!

Navigate more than five centuries of stunning art with me. You'll see all the main masterpieces and learn all the stories behind them.

Face the giant! Meet the fifteen feet tall David by Michelangelo. I take you to the Accademia and all the places that are part of the David's story. 

The Medicis ruled in Florence for more than three hundred years.  The incredinble story of the rise and fall of the dynasty.

If you are not new to Florence, or are staying for multiple days, or you want to add something really special to your trip check out my SIGNATURE TOURS designed to surprise and inspire! Psst... they are more than itineraries. Scroll down to find out!

My Signature Tours

XVth century Florence was proud of having one of the leading fresco schools in all Italy. Its masters were searched for by Popes, cardinals and kings. Some Florentine churches preserve breathtaking masterpieces you will discover during the tour.

This tour is full of romance and inspiration. Along with the stunning Florentine history you'll be finding out about the most incredible love stories that challenged time, power and even God. Dante, Petrarca, Powerful Medicis, no-one could escape love!

Dive into the heart of the Middle Ages and learn about one of the most glorious periods in Florentine history. Until 1348 when the Black death took away thousands of lives and changed the course of events forever. Florence from a new perspective.

A truly unique tour to the undiscovered Saint Mark's monastery in Florence. Restored by the Medici family as a tribute to God in XVth century, it is home to fabulous frescoes, ancient library and mysteries you do not want to miss!